Tuesday, February 14, 2012

State of Daniel: Palin the Brightest Star in GOP

While crowd excitement is not a scientific measurement, it provides telling anecdotal and circumstantial evidence of support for a candidate, Daniel Chioco said in a video blog he posted at State of Daniel. "Crowd cheer is a good barometer of excitement...and excitement is crucial to voter turnout, which in turn is crucial to winning elections" Chioco said. The cheers for Romney the current front-runner came nowhere close to those for Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Chioco cited a CBS poll which stated that 58% of Republicans want more Presidential choices. "Whether you like Palin or not, you can't deny that she can enthuse and rouse a crowd like no other....this speech proves that Palin is the brightest star in the GOP." Chioco went on to say that "this speech keeps Gov. Palin in the race" and that "the chances of a brokered convention are increasing."

He said "Romney has been running since 2008 and if all this time and money cannot easily get him a majority vote, that's sad!" He noted that the GOP can't coalesce around any of the remaining candidates. Certainly the math surrounding popular vote and delegate counts support Chioco's assertion. "Palin has proven that she is the only one in the GOP who can unite all the factions despite all their differences."

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