Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Victory Sessions: Gov. Palin Awarded for Putting Family Ahead of POTUS Run

The Clare Booth Luce Institute is conferring its Woman of the Year Award upon former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin because she chose to put her family ahead of running for the Presidency, Michelle Easton, President of the Institute said during an interview with Stephen K. Bannon on his February 5, Victory Sessions Show.

Easton said,
The Clare Booth Luce Institute exists to prepare and promote women conservative leaders, and each year, we honor one extraordinary woman who like our organization's namesake Clare Booth Luce shows leadership, and grace, and dedication to advancing conservative principles. And this year, we are giving our Woman of the Year Award to Governor Sarah Palin. And it's not just because of what she's done and she's done a tremendous amount - an inspiration to so many. It's also because of what she didn't do. Now doesn't that sound odd, an award for what she didn't do. Now, let me explain: she wanted to run very badly against President Obama's failed leadership - it was so apparent. She really wanted to, but in the end she didn't. She didn't, because she put her special little baby, her children, and her husband first in her life. And this is such a rare, kind of a very visible example of somebody putting their family first in their lives and courageously speaking out about it. And that's why she's the Woman of the Year. Because, she didn't run this year and she wanted to put her little baby, her children and the First Dude first in her life for this time period.


Hundreds of young female undergraduate students will be present for the award ceremony. Many of these women got involved in the ... debates when she was nominated for Vice President. They were so inspired by her. And the truth is that in most of the universities in popular culture and on the left, conservative women are marginalized and sometimes savaged.
About Gov. Palin's essay on special needs children which ran in the Daily Beast, Easton said, "It's a beautiful essay about how every parent, moms and dad struggle with commitments about our children, families and work and how sometimes when making decisions about our careers, you have to put the family first. And she's said she's never regretted it."

Easton described the life of Clare Booth Luce and how she became the Institute's namesake, saying,
Well, she was quite a remarkable woman, very much ahead of her time. She died in 1987. She had a brilliant professional career. She had a very strong family life, good marriage, and she had very deep faith, so when I formed this institute 19 years ago, well 'who to name it after?' You know after close study, there was absolutely no contest. There was nobody who done all that she had done. In fact, one of the pictures is my favorite one. It's the 1944 Republican National Convention. 1944. Clare Booth Luce is giving the keynote speech and it was at a time when - let's face it when the women were not at the podium - and she laid into Roosevelt - he lied us into war....but she was conservative. She was anti-Communist, she was free-market-oriented, she was traditional values, she was very religious. She has never taught in women's studies or in women's history.
Easton also detailed Clare Booth Luce's connection to President Reagan.
President Reagan was a strong admirer of Luce. He had given her the highest civilian honor, and he had her as part of his administration in an advisory capacity. "She is someone who young women can look to for inspiration," Easton said noting that the institute works primarily with young women in college. "She did an awful lot and as Gov. Palin says, 'you can do it all, you just can't do it all at once.' "

"Clare Booth Luce's life is an example of somebody who did so many different things at different times in her life, but she was a conservative, a traditionalist, somebody of great faith."
Complete Audio Transcript: Stephen K. Bannon Interviews Michelle Easton about Palin Award

H/T John_Frank, Conservatives4Palin commenter for story lead.
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