Monday, February 27, 2012

The White House Dehydration Plan

Death Valley
Say you're in a big desert, your water bottle is empty, and you're miles from civilization. Dehydration and death is imminent. All of a sudden, the Culligan Man shows up. Yes, out of nowhere. He offers you a vast supply of spring water. You would prefer distilled water, but spring is all he has. Do you take it and live, or do you decline and die? Seems like a simple decision, doesn't it? The Chinese think so.

China has taken an all of the above approach to energy. The United States, under the Obama administration, has decided it will only accept distilled water...and die. No compromising spring water for us! Nope, we would rather shrivel up and blow away in the winds of hope and change than defile the perfect energy ideal.

I'm not against investigating renewable methods of creating energy. Really, I'm not. But while we're searching for the Holy Green Grail, it just seems like common sense that we would also keep the pistons pumping with methods we know work. It defies logic for our president to put us in this bad position of soon expected $5 per gallon gasoline. This especially, since I just saw official Obama 2012 campaign web ads touting him (in all caps) as "The only candidate fighting for the middle class." If $5 gas is an example of him winning the future fight for the middle class, what can the lowest class expect as a prize? An “I'm with Stupid” t-shirt?

I realize that many of President Obama's supporters see him as a visionary - someone willing to take the long trek in the desert when it's not popular just so we all can have safe, renewable energy and “fair shares” across the sands of time in the future. And as long as those supporters get some free stuff (example: contraceptives) and attention (example: feigned occupy love) along the way, I guess they don't mind ignoring the campaign contributor payoffs, White House celebrity parties, and extra, extra, extra vacations that the Obamas take. But how long can the freebies and fist bumps last? I don't get the impression that we're going to see that renewable energy drink machine in full operation for quite some time.

If you know just a little about our Department of Energy Secretary's background, you understand why he hearts renewable energy. Dr. Steven Chu is a prize winning, patent owning, accomplished scientist in the field. But even he can't hurry the renewable energy discovery process enough to the extent of providing what we need now as a nation to quench our energy thirst. It's an illogical thing and quite the gamble to put what works on hold for the sake of experimenting. As Gov. Sarah Palin outlined recently, we can move now and work on three sure things: open Alaska to drilling, build the Keystone Pipeline, and drill for natural gas. Not only would we have energy assured, but the jobs tapped and national security gained would be incredible. The White House would like us to believe they are making leaps and bounds in fossil fuel promotion, pointing to the meager budget dollars they are acquiescing for safety and research, but it's just not enough of a trickle to matter.

Dr. Chu has a longstanding relationship with his counterparts in China and is a foreign member of their scientific community, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. And while the Chinese most certainly welcome Chu's knowledge, U.S. energy department budget money, and American private technologies for R&D on renewable energy resources, they aren't foolishly holding out in the desert. They continue to seek contracts for oil with countries like Canada and Iran and have no qualms about defying U.S. sanction requests based on worldwide security concerns. I imagine they are laughing at us, thinking we are foolish Americans who are stuck in a purist energy vacuum, beholden to political and prideful factions, with an economy on the brink of collapse. China buys our real estate, loans us money, sells us boatloads of expendables, and hungrily accepts offers of energy from anyone. They are winning their future. It's way past time we win our own.

Karen Allen
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